My subject
is life.
And life
is authentic.


Daily, I find the world inspiring.
In sharing these images, I hope that you will be inspired too.

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Vera’s clarity of vision and an experienced eye inform her work.

Nancy A.



I work as a public relations, commercial and portrait photographer, as well as a photo editor and judge for photography competitions. You can find my work in American and German media, and embellishing homes all over the world.

Clients include: Arcor Magazin, Canon, CBS Television, Centaur Records, Fonds Magazin, Fotostudio Nina, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH, Hechler Photographers, Markt und Mittelstand Magazin, National League For Nursing, New York & Friends, Plaut International Management Consulting Group, RocknRola Jewelry, Siemens Telecom Report Magazin, StockShop, The Allen-Stevenson School, The Children’s Aid Society, The Image Bank, numerous individuals and their families.

How I create portraits

I observe and project.
I project and observe.

Whenever I photograph people, I do my best to be sensitive to the individual and create a relaxed atmosphere so that my subject’s true character and humanity can come through.


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